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I was pleased to find a Podiatrist who was not only knowledgeable and experienced in treating and preventing running injuries, but one who was also a dedicated runner himself.

For over 30 years now, my running shops have continually referred customers to Dr Heaslet to help them with their running injuries. I personally, have had several occasions in my 35-year running career to seek Dr Heaslet’s help with my running-related injuries.

He helped me recover from chronic knee pain early in my career. Then more recently, I saw Dr Heaslet for help with an ankle that was badly damaged from repeated ankle sprains.

Wanting to use surgery as a last resort, we first opted for orthotics which allowed me to continue running for quite a while, but eventually the ankle pan worsened and Dr Heaslet proposed a dramatic surgery to realign my ankle which made a world of difference.

I am completely confident in Dr Heaslet and all of my stores continue to refer patients to him every month.

Dave R
Orginal Owner
A Snail’s Pace Running Stores

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  • Dr Heaslet has been in Private Practice in Irvine for over 34 years and was the first full-time Podiatrist in Irvine, California.
  • Dr Heaslet believes that a private practice environment supports his beliefs in providing the best possible Healthcare for patients.
  • Dr Heaslet has treated thousands of athletic injuries
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